Charlotte’s Favorite Pumpkin Roll-Out Cookies

For my daughter’s third birthday, we celebrated with her friends from her Montessori school classroom.

I really wanted to incorporate Charlotte’s new found love of cooking into her goody bags. So, after much trial and error hahaha, we FINALLY found a recipe she liked! (My daughter, you guys, is one tough critic.)

What I liked about making these cookies was how easy this recipe was to follow! I found that by really letting the dough cool in the refrigerator, it was easier for my daughter to manipulate.

I also realized that by flouring my rolling pin, the dough didn’t stick to it!

Here is where we found the original recipe.

I hope you can enjoy these cookies as much as we did!

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  1. allisonwolfe2 wrote:

    Hello! I completely understand! Cooking is something that is new to me too. (And honestly- it can be scary and overwhelming at times!) With this blog, I hope that we can learn together and see that cooking is something anyone can do! Please stay tuned- there is more coming very soon!

    Posted 11.10.18 Reply