Corned Beef and Cabbage- and a few Irish traditions

(This recipe is courtesy of “Meals Like Mom Used to Make” by Karen Brown.)

Coming from an Irish family, St. Patrick’s Day has always been important to us.

And now that I have my own family, I want to make sure that my children grow up with the same love of traditions.

But this year, we tried something new! I purchased a holiday box from The Holiday Co. (I absolutely LOVED this kit and cannot wait to use it again next year!) And in the kit, you can build your own “leprechaun trap.”

This is perfect! I thought. We have a family leprechaun, Herlihy, that visits us each St. Patrick’s Day and spreads mischief. (He usually throws our underwear around the room and leaves green footprints to let us know that he was there.)

And now, we can finally trap him.

What I didn’t plan for was my daughter’s sincere fear that if we caught the leprechaun, he would eat us. (I still don’t know where this came from lol.)

So, quick thinking and an audible later, we turned the adorable “leprechaun trap” into a “leprechaun home.” (That way the “baby leprechaun” could take a nap.) And off we went to Target for a toy shopping spree (courtesy of Herlihy of course.)

Hopefully next year, we won’t be so scared of leprechauns haha.

Multi-colored tassels | Target
Felt ball banner | Glitter Party Co.
St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Kit | The Holiday Co.

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