Young’s “Contraband” Reuben Sandwich… and a Space Party

A little “Space History”… On March 23, 1965, Astronaut John Young slipped a corned beef sandwich into his pocket just before launching on Gemini 3.

When Young pulled out the sandwich, his crewmate (Gus Grissom) decided to have a bite. This sent crumbs floating around the cabin.

Once back on Earth, the corned beef sandwich sparked controversy and was later called the “$30 million sandwich,” after Young had to testify for NASA in front of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Appropriations. (This was due to safety concerns about the crumbs interfering with the spacecraft’s equipment.)

Ironically, corned beef did appear on a “space mission” menu in April 1981 (a flight Young just happened to command.) Who said NASA didn’t have a sense of humor?

The recipe I based our Reubens off of can be found here.

Shrimp cocktail is actually considered a delicacy on board a spaceship!

Astronauts lose their sense of smell in space, so they crave “spicier” foods to accommodate. The horseradish in the cocktail sauce “awakens” the astronauts’ palate and shrimp rehydrates well, keeping its color and taste!

In fact, in 1995, Astronaut Bill Gregory liked shrimp cocktail so much- he had it for 48 straight meals.

On August 10, 2015, Astronaut Scott Kelly got to sample “Outredgeous” red romaine lettuce from NASA’s orbiting laboratory. This marked the first time “fresh food grown in the microgravity environment of space” went on the menu!

♫ To get us in the party mood, we created a playlist of “space” themed songs. You can listen to it here! ♫

Feel free to use it (and all of the ideas in this blog) at your next “Space” Party! With the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing coming up on July 20th, it’s the perfect excuse to throw a get-together!

Cookies | The Bearded Baker

Let’s talk COOKIES!

When I decided on the “space” theme for Tiberius and Maximus’ birthday, I knew I had to have The Bearded Baker make the cookies!

I came to Allan with two requests- I wanted the cookies to be “out of this world” and I wanted them to match the Cake & Confetti “Space” Party Kit (see below.)

Allan nailed it! Not only are these cookies DELICIOUS, but they are absolutely gorgeous!

Be sure to buy your own cookies here.

Space Balloons | Cake & Confetti
Space Balloons, Star/Moon Plates, Rocket Cups, Cutlery, Napkins, Straws, Black & White Table Runner, Candles and Cake Toppers | Cake & Confetti
Silver Tinsel | Dollar Tree
Wooden Cheese Board | Cake & Confetti
Star Candles | Dollar Tree
Cake topper and candles | Cake & Confetti
“To the Moon” Banner | Cake & Confetti

I love checking out Meredith’s parties on Instagram! (They are beyond Pinterest worthy!)

So when I found out the creator of “Cake & Confetti” started selling “Party Kits,” you know I had to try them!

With all the emphasis on “Space” during the month of July, I knew I wanted to carry on that theme at the twins’ birthday.

The “Space” Kit from Cake & Confetti was a perfect fit! The quality of the products and the creativity behind each of them made throwing this party soooo easy!

And I know I will use the items in my kit for many parties to come!

Even though I only had seconds to snap some pics before my kids raided the party, I could not be happier with how it turned out.

I cannot wait to try another Cake & Confetti Party Kit!

You can purchase yours here.

Space “Mini” Kit | Young, Wild and Friedman

I wanted something a little special for my kiddos, so I turned to “Young, Wild and Friedman” for their party favors.

When it comes to “play dough,” this Mama knows her stuff!

These sensory kits are perfect for sparking creativity in little ones. And Julie sells a variety of kits to fit your needs!

Be sure to check out her kits and sensory bins here.

Candy, Plastic Sacks and Space Stickers | Dollar Tree

I had a blast creating these party favors for the adults attending the party!

I wanted to make sure each of the items had a “space” theme, so I chose Milky Ways, Starburst, Orbit Gum, Saturn’s Ring Pops and Starlight Mints. (All of the items in the bags came from the Dollar Tree!)

And I dressed up the clear bags with some stickers I found.

You know you are having a blast when you only manage to snag a few photos from the party!

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